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How to prepare for your upcoming procedure

Surgery can be daunting, particularly if it is a new experience. However, hand surgery is performed in a relaxed manner and should not be thought of as something to worry about.

On the day of surgery you should treat your hand and arm as you would normally. Wash normally in the shower or bath and wear comfortable clothes. Though not essential, a loose fitting top and jumper will make getting dressed following the surgery easier. Don't forget you will have bandages on your hand/arm.

The surgery itself will be completed either under local anaesthetic - where the small area of the operation is numbed specifically; regional anaesthetic - where the whole arm is numbed but you stay awake throughout; or general anaesthetic - where you are gently drifted off to sleep for the procedure.

All techniques have their benefits and the choice will depend largely on the type of surgery being performed.

For regional and general anaesthetics it is imperative that you do not eat or drink on the day of your operation or the during the night before. This makes the anaesthetic as safe as possible.

If your surgery is being performed under local anaesthetic (for example carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release) you may eat and drink as normal.

Please make sure you have read the pre-operative advice provided if you are in any doubt whether you can eat or drink. If you have something by mistake your operation may be cancelled.

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